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For 30 years, F&V’s expertise in civil engineering helps clients meet their everyday needs as leaders in the industry.



Municipal Engineering: F&V serves as Engineer of Record (EOR) or preferred engineer for over 80 communities across the state; many of which are small- to medium-sized communities. We have evolved into a “one stop shop” for our municipal clients. With municipal services being the cornerstone of our firm, your team will be supported by F&V’s team of professionals who are able to address all your project needs.

Roadways: F&V studies, designs, and constructs roadways and highways that move you wherever you’re going. Road engineering is about more than vehicles – it’s about you and your users, and what’s right for your users. Our approach is based on client relationships, getting to understand your twists and turns, needs, and goals. We will collaborate with you to design and construct transportation systems that become an avid part of the community. We’ll start with a study and stay working and communicating with you through construction, and then we may even use the transportation system ourselves. With nine offices throughout Michigan and Indiana, it’s quite possible your road is our road.

Sanitary Sewers: F&V provides safe sewer services to protect both our environment and our standard of living. Properly disposing of waste and maintaining the systems that deliver and/or sanitize the wastewater is key to preventing backups and keeping our environment safe. Properly designed, constructed, and maintained sewer systems can have substantial impacts to reduce basement floodings, massive sinkholes, and sewage overflows. We design and construct sanitary sewer systems, pump stations, and wastewater treatment systems that transport and treat the waste properly.

Storm Sewers: F&V enhances the quantity and quality of storm water management to protect human and environmental health. By understanding how and where your storm water runoff flows, we can design, engineer, and construct retentions, detentions, and drains that properly manage storm water. Aiming for both quantity and quality storm water management allows communities to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. We are well-versed in the preparation, planning, design, and evaluation of storm drainage and storm water management systems. Every year we assist our clients with preliminary drainage studies or drainage system improvement projects to alleviate flooding issues.

Watermains: Water is needed for life. While clean, quality water begins at the treatment plant, the key to communities and businesses receiving the same clean, quality water is the watermains and transmissions lines that deliver it. Breaks, deterioration, and age can affect how the water flows and contaminates its contents. Improving, enhancing, and maintaining water systems and fire hydrants saves lives and makes our communities healthier. F&V designs and constructs supply and distribution mains of all sizes. We also specialize in energy and water efficiency evaluations, asset management, water reliability studies, and water treatment systems.

Additional services:

  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Parking lots
  • Permitting
  • Roundabouts
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Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

F&V’s professional staff take your project through planning and zoning, preliminary design, and mapping/platting to the final design stage because it affects the lives of your citizens every day. From the roads you drive to the water you drink, F&V is able to address your infrastructure needs.


F&V’s professional civil engineer staff can lead your project through every phase or can hop into whatever phase you need assistance with, or even provide a second opinion. From studying, planning, and zoning to preliminary and final design, to mapping/platting, and surveying, to the final construction stage, our civil engineers can help you and your infrastructure meet your everyday needs.

F&V aggressively pursues grant funding opportunities on our clients’ behalf. Our staff is very active in programs that have significant funding opportunities and are in constant contact with grant and loan agencies. Over the last 29 years, we have assisted our clients with grants and low-interest loans for projects totaling more than $1 billion.

Civil engineers are the core to the environment we live in. From the above ground infrastructure you see, like roads and buildings, to the underground infrastructure you don’t think about, like watermains and sewers. Above ground and underground infrastructure all connect and are important.


Municipalities make up 90% of F&V clients. We work with over 300 municipalities across Michigan and Indiana.


Our approach to civil engineering is to make your goal, our goal. When we understand our client, the project, and the needs, we can provide significant value and design impact to the project. We can assist with grants and loans to make projects more feasible, and we can provide studies to see where the true problem lies with your infrastructure. With 250 professional staff, with varying expertise within the civil engineering realm, we can help with just about any project.