Project Funding & Financing

F&V is asked to actively pursue grant funding opportunities on their behalf. Our staff is very active in most programs that have significant funding and are in constant contact with grant and loan agencies.

What Is Project Funding and Financing?

Our F&V team specializes in all aspects of whole-community development and finding you the resources you need to get the job done.

Determining which source or sources best match your project is the key to securing funding to meet your goals. Our experts have the knowledge to best match projects to funding sources and prepare your winning applications while meeting the goals of your project.

F&V works alongside clients to find the best solution for their unique situation. We not only find opportunities, but we’ll also help you complete all the required paperwork in the application and submission process.

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Types of Project Funding and Financing Services


Who needs project funding and financing?

Funding can benefit most projects, if not all!

Municipalities have a yearly budget. Applying for grants and loans can make projects more feasible, and free up more money for other community projects.

Breckenridge Village Manager, Jeff Ostrander, confirms this. “Without the help of oF&V, we would not have gotten our USDA project funded or completed.”


Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

F&V has assisted clients in receiving over $1 billion in grants and low interest loans.

“We hired F&V because we needed their expertise to explore all the funding opportunities and prepare an application,” Howard Linnabary Leoni Township supervisor said. “We’re not the experts and we don’t keep track of all the regulation changes like F&V does.”


Community leaders wear many hats, but expertise in funding applications and processes is not usually one of them. At F&V, we know that each program has a process with different steps that must be taken in order to secure funding.

The applications can be inundating, but we are just a phone call away. Keep in mind that planning ahead is also important as some of these funding programs have application deadlines.