Water & Wastewater Engineering

Water & Wastewater Engineering

Water and wastewater engineering plays a vital role in providing clean, quality water, and protecting human health and the environment. From watermains, sanitary sewers, and pump stations to wastewater treatment facilities, F&V has the professionals to accomplish your project.

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Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

  • F&V is one of the few water and wastewater engineering companies that has in-house operators and construction managers on staff to provide ‘Design. Build. Operate.’ services.
  • We use advanced wastewater treatment technologies that aids in the prevention and control of water pollution.
  • Our teams’ designs and implementation has been recognized by the American Council of Engineering Companies (Michigan) for their prestigious ‘Engineering & Surveying Excellence Awards’ for several water and wastewater projects.


We annually design and construct over 100 miles of utilities and roadways, the watermains ranging from 6-inch to 42-inch. Our staff have designed over 300 wastewater treatment plants, ranging from 0.01 mgd to 10 mgd.

Improving and enhancing water and wastewater lines, sewers, and treatment facilities isn’t cheap. We are experts at helping clients receive grants and loans to fund their projects. We’ve helped our clients receive over $1B in funding.

From concept planning through project completion, we will be your advocate for reclaiming your water and protecting your community and environment. We’ll help you uncover effective ways to deliver clean, quality water to your community.


  • Community members
  • Project and property managers
  • Business owners or community/local officials
  • Stakeholders in need of water systems engineering solutions and/or guidance
  • Municipalities and government agencies
  • Operators and DPW staff


F&V has vast experience in helping secure grants and low-interest loans for our clients. Give us a call to discuss what funding options are available for your wastewater treatment project.