Combining the Power of Data and Location


F&V provides GIS and land surveying services to answer the ‘what’ and ‘where’ by bringing together the power of data and location.



Land Surveys

  • 3D Laser scanning: 3D Laser scanning is the collection of 3-dimensional data to create an exact copy of any object. Laser scanning offers a way to collect millions of data points from any one scan location in a relatively quick manner while being in the field. The data is then uploaded to a computer program that can combine multiple scans to create the exact copy of the scanned area.
  • Hydrographic surveying: Hydrographic surveying is a survey of physical features present underwater. Features are mapped either by a surveyor wading through shallow waters or using a single-beam sonar unit to collect the straight distance between the bottom of the sonar unit and the features underwater.
  • Topographic surveys: Topographic surveying is a survey which has the primary purpose of determining the relief of the ground surface and the locations of natural and artificial features on a parcel of land.
  • Expert testimony services: Expert testimony services assist with legal matters that pertain to disputes over boundary lines or other land use rights. Our professional land surveyors are experienced in real property law and assist the supporting attorney defend their case.
  • ALTA/NSPS land title survey: An ALTA survey is generally needed by the client when a title company is asked to insure title to a parcel of land without exceptions as to the matters which might be discoverable from a survey and inspection. An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is performed by a professional land surveyor typically when commercial properties are purchased.
  • Land division surveys: A land division survey is provided when a client would like to create additional parcels of land from the parent parcel of land. The surveyor will assist the client through the process of receiving township approval, provide the legal descriptions and drawings for the proposed parcels, and have the survey recorded at the county register of deeds.
  • Construction layout: Construction layout is the surveying of measurements made to provide vertical and horizontal positions to accurately construct underground utilities, roads, and buildings.

GIS Work

  • Asset management: GIS helps with asset management to better manage assets and plan improvements to systems, better visualize the location and magnitude of failing components, and provide a system to track system repairs. It also sorts and identifies specific infrastructure locations (such as all pipe of a certain size or manholes built of clay bricks).
  • Data collection: Develop mobile forms for easy and accurate data collection. Perform the collection or provide training to client. Utilize industry standard hardware and software to collect data, including Trimble GPS units, and ESRI’s Collector, Field Maps, and Survey123. Mobile data collection helped us acquire asset (sanitary, storm, water) and tree inventories, perform PASER studies, and sample communities for lead and copper services.
  • Record management: Develop a comprehensive, easily searchable database of records, including as-built drawings, televising videos and reports, emergency action plans (EAP), water service cards, sanitary lateral cards, and images.
  • Analysis: Provide a wide variety of spatial analysis, including site suitability for the placement of emergency response facility, optimization of school bus routing, delineating watersheds for proposed drains, and asset criticality ratings.
  • Maintenance: Keep parcels current by completing splits, combinations, and ownership changes as they occur. Maintain street networks used for assigning addresses and emergency response. Update zoning maps as changes are made. Provide as-needed support and training for any GIS or GPS related tasks.
  • ESRI ArcGIS Online implementation: Analyze existing GIS and make necessary changes for publishing to ArcGIS Online. Develop interactive web maps, including, but not limited to, parcel maps, zoning maps, utility maps, and cemetery maps.
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Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

Our award-winning surveyors and GIS specialists have the knowledge to provide the best surveys and GIS data on any project type.


GIS is more than a map; it’s a tool that can help communities analyze, assess, quantify, and inform. “GIS gives communities the opportunity to have access to any information they want to know about their area. It provides a better understanding of the facilities, properties, etc. and helps them make better decisions on how to move forward,” said one of F&V’s GIS Technicians. “Clients have told me they’re excited about GIS work because it can turn two weeks of work into one day of work.”

F&V’s survey group has been recognized by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Michigan (ACEC-MI) for five Surveying Excellence Awards in the past five years.

GIS provides a visual representation of critical analytical data, which helps identify patterns and develop plans going forward.


GIS aids in the decision-making process. By being able to overlay multiple sets of data, such as parcels, zoning, flood hazards, and demographics, municipalities can more accurately plan. GIS can be used to help reduce the repair costs of assets, such as utilities, by tracking maintenance over time and preventing issues before they start.


Our GIS specialists are able to provide any data types a client requests, such as all pipe of a certain size or manholes built of clay bricks within a community.